What is the Difference between Front-Load or Top-Load Washer?

You know that washing machines as the name suggests are machines meant to wash clothes but not all of us know that there are two types of washing machines and how they differ. Yes, here we are talking about the front load and top load washing machines. For a majority of people, the only difference between front-load or top-load washer
as suggested by their names is that one is meant for loading from front and one from the top but there are a number of other differences too between these two types of washing machines. So, for all those people who are eager to learn about the differences between a front load and top load washing machine, here is a complete guide with all the differences.

Structure: The first difference between front-load or top-load washer is that their structures differ from each other. The former has a basket in the front placed in a horizontal direction and in it there is no use of an agitator but paddles are used to stir the clothes and water for washing; while in the latter model, the basket is placed in a vertical position and the agitator plays an important role and there are no paddles.

Function: Not just the structure, but the whole functioning of these two machine types differ from each other. In front loading machines, the paddles help in removing dirt and dust from the dirty clothes while stirring the water as the basket rotates. On the other hand, the top loading machines use agitator to swirl and wash the clothes in an alternate circular direction.

Electricity Usage: An important parameter on which these two machines differ is how much electricity they consume. Since, the front load machines have no agitator, the capacity to wash clothes is more than top loading machines, so more clothes get washed in one cycle, which in turn helps saving a lot of electricity by reducing the number of times a washing machine is run. Moreover, front loading washing machines take very less time as compared to top load ones when it comes to dry the clothes after a wash, so here too a lot of electricity is saved.

Detergent and Water Usage: Another important meter on which the front load washing machines are way better than top loading ones is that they use less water and detergent to wash the clothes. Almost half quantity of water is used in front load washing machines and it also depends on the type of detergent you use because good detergents will also need less water to wash clothes.

Price: Lastly and most importantly, difference between front-load or top-load washer is the price factor. Generally, front load machines are bit costlier than the top load ones but they are more efficient too, as they say every penny counts for the more energy efficiency and quality of work delivered by front load washing machines.